Toner and ink cartridges

Ανακύκλωση μελανιών-τόνερ

1 Toner cartridges which contain electrical parts 2 Ink cartridges which contain electrical parts

Electrical & Electronic Tools

Ανακύκλωση Ηλεκτρικών και Ηλεκτρονικών εργαλείων

1 Drills 2 Saws 3 Sewing machines 4 Equipment for turning, smoothening, coating, grinding, sawing, cutting, slicing, shearing, drilling, boring, shaping, bending and other similar processing of wood, metal and other materials 5 Tools for fastening screws, nails or fasteners as well as removing them and similar uses 6 Tools for welding in general and […]

Lighting fixtures

Ανακύκλωση συσκευών -  φωτιστικά

1 Fixtures for fluorescent lamps other than household lighting fixtures 2 Other lighting equipment and light projection or control equipment other than incandescent lamps

Light bulbs

ανακύκλωση λαπτήρες

1 Direct fluorescent lamps 2 Compact fluorescent lamps 3 Low pressure sodium lamps 4 Other lighting equipment and light projection or control equipment other than incandescent lamps

IT equipment

Ανακύκλωση IT Εξοπλισμού – Πληροφορικής & Τηλεπικοινωνιών Επιχείρησης

1 Large computers (mainframes) 2 Mini computers 3 Printing units 4 Personal computers (including central processing units (CPUs), mice, monitors and keyboards) 5 Laptops (including CPUs, mice, monitors and keyboards) 6 Printers 7 Photocopiers 8 Electric and electronic typewriters 9 Pocket and desktop calculators 10 Other products and equipment for the collection, storage, processing, presentation […]

Large Appliances

ανακύκλωση πλυντήριο

1 Refrigerators 2 Large cooling devices 3 Freezers 4 Other large appliances used to cool, preserve and store food 5 Washing machines 6 Clothes dryers 7 Dishwashers 8 Cooking devices 9 Electric cookers 10 Hot plates 11 Microwave ovens 12 Other large appliances used for cooking and other food processing 13 Electric heaters 14 Electric […]

Consumer Goods

Ανακύκλωση καταναλωτικών ειδών

1 Radios 2 Televisions 3 Video cameras 4 VCRs (videocassette recorders/players) 5 High fidelity recording devices 6 Sound amplifiers 7 Electric musical instruments 8 Other products and equipment for the recording or reproduction of sound or images, including signals or other technologies for the distribution of sound and images by means other than telecommunications 9 […]

Games & Entertainment and Sports Equipment

Ανακύκλωση παιχνιδιών & εξοπλισμού Ψυχαγωγίας και Αθλητισμού

1 Electric trains or electric highways 2 Portable video game consoles 3 Video games 4 Sports equipment with electrical or electronic components 5 Computers for cycling, diving, running, rowing etc.

Small Appliances

Ανακύκλωση μικρών συσκευών

1 Vacuum cleaners 2 Carpet sweepers 3 Other cleaning devices 4 Devices used for sewing, knitting, weaving and other textile works 5 Electric irons and other devices for ironing, calendering and the general care of clothes 6 Toasters 7 Frying devices (fryers) 8 Grinders, coffee makers and devices for opening or sealing containers or packages […]