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You can recycle electrical and electronic appliances, lamps and toner and ink cartridges at over 15.500 collection points across the country. Find the nearest one here

κάδοι ανακύκλωσης συσκευών

What we do

We have the most complete appliances recycling system in Greece

We protect our Environment

Our vision

A better future for all of us

Our vision is to create links between all citizens and bodies by inviting them to participate in a common goal, that is the protection of the environment.

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Appliances Recycling S.A. is a Collective System for the Alternative Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), and is an organization approved by the Hellenic Recycling Agency. https://www.traditionrolex.com/31 The company’s object is to organize WEEE collection, transport, temporary storage, separation and processing of WEEE and their components, with the ultimate goal being to remove harmful substances for the environment and reintegrate usable materials as raw material for the production of new products.
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of WEEE Collection around Greece
Partner Companies / Producers
Collaborating management units

With a significant contribution to the environment, culture and economy

Μειώνουμε την περιβαλλοντική ρύπανση με ανακύκλωση
We significantly reduce environmental pollution and waste
ανακύκλωση περιβάλλον
We save energy and natural resources
οικονομικά οφέλη ανακύκλωσης συσκευών
We ensure economic benefits for our country, thanks to the recovery of raw materials
Συνεισφέρουμε στην πρόοδο της οικονομίας με ανακύκλωση
We contribute to the progress of our economy, by developing new businesses and creating new jobs

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για την ανακύκλωση συσκευών

Intent of cooperation with Appliances Recycling S.A.

If you wish to cooperate with Appliances Recycling S.A., please fill out the form below.

The request for cooperation is not addressed to stores which sell electrical appliances or other companies wishing to have EEE collected or bins placed (e-weee collection app).

For further information contact us at info@electrocycle.gr

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