Toner and ink cartridges

Ανακύκλωση μελανιών-τόνερ

1 Toner cartridges which contain electrical parts 2 Ink cartridges which contain electrical parts

IT & Telecommunications Equipment

Ανακύκλωση IT Εξοπλισμού – Πληροφορικής & Τηλεπικοινωνιών Επιχείρησης

1 Large computers (mainframes) 2 Mini computers 3 Printing units 4 Personal computers (including central processing units (CPUs), mice, monitors and keyboards) 5 Laptops (including CPUs, mice, monitors and keyboards) 6 Printers 7 Photocopiers 8 Electric and electronic typewriters 9 Pocket and desktop calculators 10 Other products and equipment for the collection, storage, processing, presentation […]

Electrical & Electronic Tools

Ανακύκλωση Ηλεκτρικών και Ηλεκτρονικών εργαλείων Επιχείρησης

1 Drills 2 Saws 3 Equipment for turning, smoothening, coating, grinding, sawing, cutting, slicing, shearing, drilling, boring, shaping, bending and other similar processing of wood, metal and other materials 4 Tools for fastening screws, nails or fasteners as well as removing them and similar uses 5 Tools for welding in general and similar uses 6 […]

Medical Technology Products

Ανακύκλωση συσκευών -

1 Radiation therapy equipment 2 Cardiac equipment 3 Hemodialysis devices 4 Pulmonary oxygenation devices 5 Nuclear medicine equipment 6 Medical equipment for in-vitro diagnosis 7 Analysis devices 8 Freezers 9 Fertilization tests 10 Other devices for detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating or alleviating disease, physical injury or disabilities

Monitoring & Control Instruments

Ανακύκλωση Οργάνων Παρακολούθησης και Ελέγχου Επιχείρησης

1 Smoke detectors 2 Thermoregulation devices 3 Thermostats 4 Measuring, weighing or adjusting devices for home or lab use 5 Other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial premises (e.g. in control panels)

Automatic Dispensers

Ανακύκλωση συσκευών Αυτόματης διανομής

1 Automatic hot drink dispensers 2 Automatic hot or cold drink dispensers (bottles or metal containers) 3 Automatic solid dispensers 4 Automatic cash dispensers