Registry of EEE producers

What is the registry of EEE producers

The traffickers (distributors), in accordance with the provisions of par. 2.1.2 of article 6 of the Joint Ministerial Decision on Electrical Producers 23615/651/Ε.103, are obliged a) to trade in the market only EEE items that are included in an approved alternative management system and b) to procure EEE items from producers registered in the Registry. According to Joint Ministerial Decision on Electrical Producers no 23615/651/E.103 the Ministry of Environment and Energy compiles a Registry of Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. All liable producers are required to register in the National Registry of Producers (EMPA). By successfully completing the process of joining the EMPA, one can issue a registration certificate and the PRN (Producer Registration Number), which is unique for each company.

Steps to enter and register in the Registry

Step 1: Visit the EMPA website, by typing in your browser (we recommend using CHROME and not MOZZILA for now to avoid potential problems) Step 2: Request login information to the application by selecting “I don’t have codes”. Fill in the information requested. Step 3: Activate the Registry and enter it through the use of the data that will be sent to you electronically, after you register the rest of the data of your company, according to what you will be requested. Step 4: Enter the details of the EEE that you have placed on the Greek market for the previous year by clicking on the “New launch” option. You can make as many changes as you like, as long as you enter the required information but do not select “Submit”. However, if you do press “Submit”, you should know that the registration is now final and no changes can be made anymore.The next step for the finalization of the data, before the EMPA issues the certificate of registration in the Registry, is the automatic request from the application for an Appliances Recycling S.A. confirmation that an active contract exists. This confirmation presupposes both the existence of an active signed contract of the company/producer with our system and the absence of any pending periodic tax statements or due debts. If there is such a relevant pending issue, please settle it before submitting an application for the issuance of a PRN certificate in the EMPA. When you successfully complete the previous step, the option to print the PRN certificate is now available.On the website of EOAN. (, all the necessary information has been posted as well as the “EMPA Registration Guide”, which includes detailed instructions for the liable producers concerning the method and procedure of entering the necessary information in the Registry. The executives of our collective system have been trained in the registration and renewal procedures of the EMPA and will be at your disposal so than you can complete with success the registration of your company in the National Registry. For any relevant question, please contact (call center 210 5319780) Ms. Amalia Bantidou (ext. 317). For your convenience, here are the links to the application and related documents: 1. National Registry of Producers (EMPA): http://empa.eoan.gr2. Guide to registration of liable producers