Recycle IT, with a click!

Hoarded Devices?

Now Appliances Recycling S.A in collaboration with ACS Courier comes at your place to pick-up your old IT equipment and small devices, completely free of charge!

Η ανακύκλωση έρχεται στο σπίτι σου

What kind of devices
can I recycle?

It’s time to get rid of all your electrical and electronic devices that you don’t use anymore!

With the program Recycle IT, with a click! You can send any item with

What can I recycle? See below indicative list of devices:
ανακύκλωση σε Laptop
ανακύκλωση σε tablet
ανακύκλωση smartphone
recycle with a click
Ανακύκλωση Ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα
ανακύκλωση πληκτρολόγιο
Βιντεοκάμερες ανακύκλωση
ανακύκλωση φορτιστές
ανακύκλωση πολύμπριζο
ανακύκλωση σε ακουστικά
The list above is indicative. Through the program Recycle IT, with a click, you can recycle any device up to 4kg and dimensions of 20x20x20cm or 30x30x10cm.
e.g. blender, kettle, electric toothbrush, hand vacuum, hand mixer, hair removal machine, small light fixtures, speakers, alarm system, toasters, game consoles, electrical tools, battery operated toys, drones etc.


Easy Steps

Prepare the package

a) Remove the batteries from the device, if they are not embedded. If they are put only 1 device in the bag.

b) Make sure that you have deleted all your personal data.

c) In every bag put devices up to 4kg of dimensions 20x20x20cm or 30x30x10

d) If your devices have screens, put them in the bag with care. It is also advised that you use a fabric, bubble wrap or another protective material.

ανακύκλωση μπαταρίας

Put the device in the bag that the courier brought to you to the appointment.

Give the bag to the courier

Where can I deliver my device?

Pick up
from home

Insert your information, to book an appointment



  • Don’t forget to delete all your personal data
  • Remember to remove all the batteries. If they are embedded, put only 1 device in the bag and arrange a second appointment for the same time for extra devices
  • Remember to remove the light bulbs from the light fixtures


No, the cost is covered by Appliances Recycling S.A.

If the devices fit in the bag (dimensions of 20x20x20cm or 30x30x10cm) and are up to 4kg, you can arrange 1 appointment. If there are embedded batteries in the devices, put only 1 in the bag.

If you have more devices that exceed the weight/dimension requirements or have embedded batteries, arrange different appointments for the same time.

Alternatively, find the nearest collection point to you on or call us on 210-5319780

For small appliances, lamps and toner and ink cartridges find the nearest collection point to you on If you have a big device you can contact big electrical and electronic stores, your Municipality or call us on 210-5319780

Put the device in the bag that the courier will bring on the appointment.

Through Recycle IT, with a click you can’t recycle devices such as lamps, batteries (unless they are embedded in the device), ink and toner cartridges, medical equipment. If you have this type of equipment, you can contact Appliances Recycling S.A. or find the nearest recycling point on