Our Objectives

We work daily
to maximize
the results of recycling

Appliances Recycling S.A. aims to preserve and improve the quality of our natural environment, to use natural resources prudently and rationally and to protect the health of people.

The company’s primary objective is to decisively contribute to achieving the national goals, as those are set by the European and Greek legislation, as well as to effectively control the costs of the Alternative Management of WEEE.

According to the European directive, as of 2019 the national target is set at 65% of the annual collection amount based on the average weight of the devices purchased in the previous three years. Our system in 2021 reached 41.4%.

None of the above can be achieved without the citizens’ systematic participation. The ultimate communication goal of Appliances Recycling S.A. is to make all citizens recognize the environmental value of recycling electrical appliances and to take individual responsibility.

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