Appliances Recycling
In order to manage the collection of the old electric appliances and proceed with recycling them, APPLIANCES RECYCLING S.A. has started collaborating with the municipalities.
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Appliances Recycling

Appliances Recycling S.A. is the official collective system  for the operation of the Alternative Management of the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Greece. The role of the company is to organize, control and coordinate all the stages of the WEEE management, which includes collection, transport, temporary storage and processing of WEEE. The company functions on a non-investment and not-profit basis. To cover the recycling cost, producers of WEEE pay the legally required contribution to Appliances Recycling S.A..

Appliances Recycling S.A. is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and by ISO 14001:2004


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