Information given to EEE Producers and Distributors/ Retailers

The principles of "polluter pays" and "the extended EEEE producer’s responsibility", as they were defined in the European and the Greek laws, are pillars of the alternative management of WEEE. For this reason the notification of the overall framework for the alternative management of WEEE to the producers, along with information on particular issues that affect them, are critical daily activities of our collective system for the alternative management of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).


 APPLIANCES RECYCLING S.A.  operates always with reference to the principles of «fairness» and «equal treatment», contacts and informs daily a large number of companies /  probable  producers for their obligations as imposed in the legislation, for the adhesion process to our collective scheme, for the acquisition of the National Registration Number’s  process through the application to  HRA  (Hellenic Recycling Agency , the competent authority for recycling in Greece) , for the manners  through which they can assist the recycling activities in our country ,  but also about what our system has achieved until now.


The number of producers adhering to our collective system is increasing. Considering that in those five past years our country experienced a massive crisis, the growth of affiliated producers highlights,  that modern companies not only understand their legal obligations, but also as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, they  are willing to contribute towards  an environmentally safe and effective WEEE management. We should finally add that the positive outcome in the number of producers affiliating with our system, is a result of the use of innovative scientific tools and methods for market monitoring and intelligence, along with the continuous improvement of the processes and the information methods for the proper approach of the producers.


Other very  important activities of APPLIANCES RECYCLING S.A. is the communication / notification of the retailers and the distributors of EEE and the cooperation with them, concerning actions they can undertake to contribute to a sound and efficient handling of WEEE, harmonized with what the legislation imposes.



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